Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Four Online Piano Games for Class

Looking for some quick online piano games for music class? These are safe for classroom use and each page has a bunch of other games on their pages that are definitely worth exploring! These can be used as homework assignments, in class reinforcements or as materials to use during a music technology portion of your program incorporated in either a computer lab or your music room.
4: Parrot Phrases by Theta Music Trainer: Call and response flash game that develops ear training skills.
3: Identify the Piano Keys Quiz: Quick flash game to test your students knowledge of the keyboard. The website has TONS of other flash games that you can also use in class. 
2: The Piano Player: This fun game has multiple levels so you can have students advance through them. You can use their ‘How to play’ section to help write a lesson plan. It can all easily be an entire class period in the computer lab.
1: Are You a Piano Wizard?: There’s a lot going on with this page. Definitely practice on it before you use it in class. BUT kids love the wizard Harry-Potter-esque theme.

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