Saturday, January 21, 2017

Increased My Productivity By Listening to the Bach Cello Suites

About two years ago, I started an experiment. Every morning, I would listen to the Bach Cello Suites while I began my work day (planning, scheduling, emailing). And almost instantaneously, I noticed an increase in my productivity.
Not sure if it was just the adrenaline rush of performing an experiment on myself or if it was some sort of placebo effect, I decided to keep doing it while taking some notes to mark measurements in productivity. Not only did I see a consistent increase, but I also observed a new added benefit... The music became a habit and would 'zero-out' my mind from anything that might otherwise conflict with my work.
The first year (that's right, 365 days worth), saw no decrease in productivity. In the second year, I attempted to have a few control weeks where no Bach Cello Suites were listened to at all. Believe it or not there was a decrease in efficiency. A noticeable decrease was easily seen in levels of productivity. Granted, this was not a scientific study, but the results weren't fleeting or insignificant. The results were huge.

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