Friday, January 27, 2017

[Directory] Collection of Online Louis Armstrong Teaching Resources

Louis Armstrong is one of those great musicians who are not only brilliant musical but also serve as a great role model. In music education, we don't often have the opportunity to focus on performers but when we do, Louis is someone to consider. I enjoy teaching my private students about him and his work through audio, video and printable worksheets. When I work with teachers, sometimes we just need a little reminder about who he is an how readily available these resources are through any device. Here are some great music education resources (free downloads and ideal products) about Louis Armstrong:
Louis Armstrong Foundation: Full of information about Louis, his wife and his home
Video from the Louis Armstrong House: Plus other tidbits about the man
Resource for Teaching Beginner Bands: Classroom Pack for Beginner Band instructors and also 1:1 Beginner Trumpet students
Free Audio Collection: Streaming at LastFM
My FAVORITE CD that I use to Teach Louis Armstrong in Class: There are tons available, this one just happens to be the best ;-)
Satchmo in Pictures: Posted free, online by The Telegraph of London
Lesson Ideas on Louis: Free by BrainPOP Education
Biographical Facts for Louis: Free by Scholastic

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